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Summer Learning Program Quality Intervention Handbook

Summer Learning Program Quality Intervention Handbook

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This handbook overviews the Summer Learning Program Quality Intervention (SLPQI). SLPQI is modeled after the YPQI. It is an intervention comprised of a series of continuous improvement practices, which in this last phase of the pilot were designed to be program planning, quality assessment, improvement planning, and coaching by site managers during staff instruction. As demonstrated in the YPQI study1, high fidelity to these practices should result in improved instructional practice, which in turn results in an improved experience for youth participants. In order to accommodate the short summer schedule, the Summer Learning PQI is built to remove the burden of data collection and reporting from program staff by relying on trained external assessors. The data collected by assessors results in a performance data packet that has both a summary report meant for immediate improvement while a program is in session, as well as a full report for longer term improvement planning.

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