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Social and Emotional Learning Challenge Box SET – Program Package

Social and Emotional Learning Challenge Box SET – Program Package

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The SEL Challenge Box Set is for program leaders, staff, and other expert consultants or trainers who wish to improve or strengthen their focus on social and emotional learning (SEL). It includes both print materials sent to the user and a set of phone and online supports.


Print Materials:

  • 5 copies of the SEL Field Guide – Preparing Youth to Thrive: Promising Practices for Social and Emotional Learning. This guidebook identifies promising practices for building SEL skills with vulnerable adolescents in six skill areas: emotion management, empathy, teamwork, initiative, responsibility, and problem solving in informal learning environments.
  • 5 copies of the Strengths Builder Assessments– This trio of assessments will support your team in conversations about how to improve the SEL focus in your program. Includes 5 print copies of the assessments available at Access to recorded webinars supports the use of these resources.
  • 5 copies of Planning with Data Handbook –This handbook provides guidance on leading a continuous improvement process using performance information.


Online supports:

  • Webinars – Access a series of five recorded webinars, available for viewing on demand. The webinars will walk an individual or team through a continuous improvement sequence to:
    • Map your SEL curriculum design and plan for a continuous improvement cycle;
    • Assess your SEL practice strengths;
    • Collect a baseline SEL skill profile using staff ratings of youth behavior;
    • Develop an improvement plan using information from the SEL curriculum design, self-assessment of SEL practices, and staff ratings of youth SEL skills;
    • Follow up on the improvement plan at the end of the program year.


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